The CLC2021 conference will be held in the “Green Mountain” Hotel ( in Karpacz, in south-western Poland, on the outskirts of the Karkonosze National Park in the Sudetes. Location of the conference is accessible by car or public transport, and there are international airports with convenient connections nearby. Additionally, travel is possible from Prague (CZ) or Dresden (DE). Distances to closes airports (by car):

  • Wrocław Airport – 130km
  • Warsaw Chopin Airport – 480km
  • Dresden Airport (DE) – 180km
  • Prague Airport (CZ) – 170km


 Wroclaw Airport

The nearest international airport is located approximately 130km from the conference site. It serves several International and Domestic connections to:

  • Munich, Frankfurt (Lufthansa),
  • Dusseldorf, Stuttgart (Eurowings),
  • Paris (Air France),
  • Amsterdam (KLM),
  • Copenhagen (SAS),
  • Tel Aviv (LOT),
  • Warsaw (LOT),
  • and many connections served by low-cost airlines.

Wrocław Airport is well communicated with Main Railway Station:

A further journey from Wroclaw is possible by bus or train+bus through Jelenia Gora.

Warsaw Chopin Airport

The largest airport in Poland serves connections to more than 100 destinations in Europe and around the world. Warsaw airport is located close to the Warsaw Central Railway Station, and the travel is possible by:

  • Bus line 175 (towards Pl. Pilsudskiego) and line N32 (nightly, towards Dw. Centralny). The journey takes 15-30 minutes. Ticket costs 4,40 PLN (1 EUR).
  • Train line RL (towards Modlin). Jurney takes 20 minutes. The train costs 4,40 PLN (1 EUR).
  • Taxi. Journey time depends on traffic (15-40 minutes). Approximate charges – 40 PLN (8,90 EUR).

A further journey from Warsaw is possible by direct bus or by train through Wroclaw.

Rail travel

Warsaw to Wroclaw

Direct connections to Wroclaw leave few times a day. The journey takes between 3h 40min (Express) and 5h. Ticket prices for InterCity trains are 66 PLN (14 EUR) for 2nd class and 86 PLN (19,10 EUR) for 1st class. Ticket prices for Express InterCity are 150 PLN (33,30 EUR) for 2nd class and 250 PLN (55,50 EUR) for 1st class.

Attention: You must buy a ticket at the box office or travel agent. Tickets bought onboard can be significantly more expensive (up to 500 PLN, 110 EUR).

Train timetable:

Wroclaw to Jelenia Gora

Trains from Wroclaw to Jelenia Gora leave four times a day. The journey takes 2h. Ticket prices are 30 PLN (6,60 EUR) for the 2nd class and 46 PLN (10 EUR) for the 1st class.

The further journey is possible by bus towards Karpacz.

Bus travel

Warsaw to Karpacz

Direct connection from Warsaw to Karpacz is available. The details of the journey can be found on the website ( The journey takes about 7h and the ticket price varies depending on demand (15 – 50 EUR). The bus stop closer to the conference venue is called “Bachus”.

Buses leave from Warsaw West bus station ( which is located approx. 3km from the Warsaw Central Railway Station.

On the website of the carrier (Flixbus), you can also buy tickets for the journey with transfer in Wroclaw.

Wroclaw to Karpacz

Buses from Wroclaw to Karpacz leave four times a day. Some of them can be found on a Flixbus ( webpage and for the rest, we will provide the timetables (they will change at the beginning of the academic year). The journey takes 2,5h and costs 25 – 50 PLN (5,50 - 11 EUR). Buses depart from Wroclaw Bus Station which is located next to the Wroclaw Railway Station.

Jelenia Góra to Karpacz

Journey from Jelenia Góra to Karpacz takes about an hour and costs 7 PLN (1,50 EUR). Buses leave every half an hour between for most of the day (NOTICE: the last bus on Sunday leaves at 20:15). All the information about the buses and the bus stops (with maps) in Jelenia Góra can be found on the website:

If you require any further information, please, feel free to contact us: